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Micy needs you to grab ink and fly to the moon...

Available on Google Play, App Store and Desura !

Micy Roll is finally out on iOS, Android, Windows and OSX !

Press releases are available in french and english by following the links below :

Micy Roll - Official launch press release EN
Micy Roll - Communiqué de presse du lancement officiel du jeu FR

Micy Roll Official soundtrack is available for free !

Micy Roll OST - Moon Flavour
1 - Moon Love
2 - Pack and Go Morning
3 - On the Road
4 - No Time to Doubt (World 1)
5 - Underground Moons (World 2)
6 - Close to the Night Sun (World 3)
7 - Vertical Vision

Download Micy Roll - Moon Flavour for free

Forsaken Pad - France